LeMuna Myth I

True Sensible Audio Glasses with Modular Frames

Est. shipping date 15th Oct.


- An Enhanced Audio-Visual Experience

- Be Aware Anywhere, Whatever You’re Doing.

- Noise-Cancelling

- High-Quality Call Performance

- Featuring the Qualcomm Chip

- 12 Hours of Playtime

- Protection from Splashes

- Perceptible Quality & Timeless Fashion

- Compatible with Bluetooth-capable Devices

- Interchangeable Frames


Is LeMuna Bluetooth capable?

Yes, LeMuna uses Bluetooth to connect your mobile devices.

How long is the play time of LeMuna?

LeMuna's battery goes further with 15 hours playback time per quick full charge of 40mins.

Is LeMuna waterproof?

LeMuna is IP56 waterproof

How much is the shipping?

LeMuna offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

What's inside the box?

Size - Soter

Frame width


Lens width


Bridge width


Temple width


Size - Theia

Frame width


Lens width


Bridge width


Temple width



Dimensions & Weight

Soter: 161mm * 158mm * 53mm; 47g

Theia: 161mm * 158mm * 55mm; 49g


Battery 110 mah *2

Battery charging time: 1.5h - 2h

Battery charge method: LeMuna charging cable




Device name: LeMuna

Bluetooth range: 200feet / 60m


Touch: Volume; your native voice assistant

Motion sensor: Flip-to-off


Additional details

IPX4 water-resistant

Working temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃ 

Ask Me Everything

Smart glasses don't connect to mobile device.

On your device:

· Turn the Bluetooth feature off and then on.

· Delete the smart glasses fromthe Bluetooth list on your device. Connect again.

· Move your device closer to the smart glasses and away from any interference or obstructions.

· Connect to a different mobile device.

· Clear the smart glasses device list. Connect again.

No sound from one of the two temples.

The most likely reason for this problem is that the two temples are not paired successfully. You can pair the two temples manually.

· Turn the glasses on. Charge the glasses.

· Find the touch areas on both temples. Tap the touch areas on both sides for 4 times at the same time. Then long press both touch areas until you hear the prompt tone of "reset”.

· Unplug the charging table and fold both temples.

· Unfold the temples and re-openthe glasses.

lntermittent Bluetooth connection

Clear the smart glasses device list.

Connect again.

Move the mobile device closer tothe smart glasses.

No sound

Press “play” on your mobile device to make sure audio is playing.

Move your device closer to the smart glasses and away from any interference or obstruction.

Use a different music source.

Connect a different device.