True Audio Glasses 

with Modular Frames

True Audio Glasses 

with Modular Frames

The LeMuna story

- How it all began

My name is Sean and I am suffering from permanent tinnitus.

I always thought maybe it’s the stress that caused the constant ring in my right ear, until I was diagnosed. Doctors so far have no cure except experimental digital treatment. The cause of my hearing issue can be attributed to listening to loud music when I was a programmer and countless conference calls when I was an investor. Unfortunately, I am not the only one. In October 2019 WHO’s first hearing health report* estimates that over 50% of people aged 12–35 years listen to music over their personal audio devices at volumes that pose a risk to their hearing.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to solve this problem.

So a team of experts, also longtime friends sharing the same goal were assembled and the journey of LeMuna started. Soon the first product design sketch was born, shown in the background picture. Meanwhile, a pandemic surprised the world and forced people to work from home and learn online, making the forementioned situation much worse. It also took a toll on consumer electronics sector including LeMuna. We tried all we could to overcome hurdles like chips shortage, material price hike, factories lockdown and such, and eventually managed to reach mass production stage without compromising our product ideology.

Finally, after more than two years’ dedication of development and finetune, LeMuna Myth I launched on October 10th 2022 via our official site: 

The LeMuna Team

- Who the heck are we

Richard, the scientist/supply chain specialist

PhD. Developed the first professional VR 3D camera in the world.

Blark, the scientist/R&D

PhD. Developed the first professional VR 3D camera in the world.

Dillon, the artist

Seansoned Designer across art, ID, brand, retail design and research. His designed products have won more than 30 awards including RedDot, IF, Gmark, IDEA, and accumulated over $700 million revenue.

Sean, the strategist

Former vice President at Sequoia Capital. He has long term focus on tech and consumer electronics industries.